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Baby Blessings & Naming Ceremony

Celebrate New Life


Are you welcoming a new addition into your family and looking for a beautiful way to celebrate their entrance into the world? At Common Ground Ceremonies, we provide a unique approach to ceremonies that honor your beliefs and values. We will guide you toward creating a tailored ceremony for your child that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Because every child is special, the ceremony should honor the gift they are to the world.

There are many terms used for welcoming a child into the world. The most common is a baptism or christening, and for families who prefer something more secular, it is often called a baby welcoming or naming ceremony. A Baby Blessing Ceremony is an ideal ceremony for families who aren't religious but still believe in a Higher Power.

Unique Baby Blessing
Baby Blessing Ceremony

Alternative Baby Welcoming Ceremony

Our Happy Babies

"We are so happy we chose you to create the perfect ceremony for our son. It exceeded our expectations"

Samantha & Joe - Parents of Dylan

Alternative Baptism
Baby Naming
Baby Blessing
Baby Welcoming Ceremony
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​1. Can our baby still be baptized even though it’s not in a church?

Yes.  Baptism is a ritual that represents purification by God and can be performed outside of a church.  It is a symbol that is meant to show the love, hope, and faith you have put in your Creator.

​2. Can we still appoint Godparents if we are not religious?

Yes, and for the couple who is not religious, the godparents can be referred to as mentors or sponsors.  In a religious context, the godparents are pledging their commitment to support the parents in raising the child and act as spiritual guides to the child at baptism.  In a more secular context, a godparent (or mentor) is invested in the well-being of the child. They can offer refuge and are promising to step in at times when the child needs a supportive adult to turn to.  Being a godparent is an honor and a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

3. What is the difference between a baby blessing and a baby welcoming ceremony?

Parents who do not practice a religion will host a baby welcoming and naming ceremony.  This type of ceremony is where the officiant will gather information about the parents, the family backgrounds, their beliefs, and their ideas which then becomes the foundation of the ceremony.  Special songs, readings, or creative rituals can be incorporated, as well as vows from the parents (and godparents) if they wish to include this in the ceremony. A baby blessing is a spiritual ceremony that follows some of the religious rites with some secular elements.  This is ideal for an interfaith couple or a couple who believes in God but does not consider themselves religious.  A baby blessing will also blend readings, poems, and vows made by godparents and parents.  There is usually a prayer and blessing for the naming ceremony and a chance for the baby to be welcomed into the community.

4. Can we have a ceremony for our adopted child?

Every child is a gift to the world and to a family.  We love performing ceremonies for all children and we believe that this type of ceremony brings your family closer together and symbolizes your commitment to raising them and welcoming them into your home and your family.

5. What are the fees for officiating a baby welcoming ceremony?

Most ceremony fees range between $300-400 depending on customization and travel time.  The fee guarantees the arrival of your officiant at least 30 minutes before the ceremony and unlimited revisions to the draft if necessary.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation where we can discuss how we can work together and make a wonderful celebration for you, your child, and the whole family.

Blessing of Light

And to you, (Child’s name),
May the blessing of light be with you always,
Light without and light within.
May the sun shine upon you and warm your heart
Until it grows like a great fire,
So that others may feel the warmth of it.
And may the light of your eyes shine like two candle lights
In a window at night bidding the wanderer
To come in out of the dark and cold.
And may the blessing of the rain be upon you.
The sweet and tender rain, may it fall upon your spirit,
As when flowers spring up and fragrance fills the air.
And may the blessings of the great rain wash you clean and fair,
And may the storms always leave you stronger and more beautiful.
And when the rains are over may there be clear pools of water
Made beautiful by the radiance of your light,
As when a star shines beautiful in the night,
Pointing the way for all of us.
Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination
or your dedication to the spiritual life.
Give freely, be peaceful, sincere, truthful, loving and live life with an open heart.
Be compassionate and gentle, show good will to all.

Baby Welcoming Ceremony

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